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After almost 10 years of success, FKGB’s next chapter brought with it not only a new outlook but a brand-new message for its current and potential clients: large firm capability, small firm care. An international accounting firm with long-lasting relationships built into the fabric of the way they work, at FKGB your business is their business.

The first step in our process is always open discovery. Who are we speaking to? And who are they speaking to? What makes them different? How do we help them shine, authentically?

We got to know the team, personally and the founding story. We charted the journey over 10 years and we really drilled down into their passion, their innovation and their talent. After 4 weeks of thinking, we crystallised their identity and delivered a brand strategy that formed the foundation of FKGB’s new, clearer and refreshed identity.

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A key element of our work with FKGB was to reveal the faces behind the business. We imbued clear, inviting, clean and modern themes throughout their brand identity, including a website and suite of collateral that emphasises a personal touch and a core brand message that FKGB are “accessible at all levels, always”. The tailormade copy text which features throughout was built upon a brand strategy that revealed the authentic personality and ethic of this international accounting firm – a friendly, personable team of high-level specialists, serving UK focussed clients across the globe.

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