In The Heart Of It All




    • Art Direction & Design
    • Brand Strategy
    • CGI
    • Digital
    • Editorial
    • Film
    • Photography

Hermes Studios is a dynamic and stylish multi-floor working space comprehensively redesigned by renowned architects Buckley Gray Yeoman and placed perfectly in between King’s Cross and Angel. Drawing upon the charisma and key features of the building itself and with an acute appreciation for the building’s locale we crafted an energetic, bright and enthusiastic identity which cemented Hermes Studios place ‘in the heart of it all.’







Storytelling is about taking a reader on a journey into the world as we see it. Pentonville is yet to enjoy the full benefits of a reputation as established as Angel or King’s Cross, but its proximity is worthy of prominent celebration; a feat we achieved through strategically directed imagery of the surrounds and a keen use of graphic storytelling together with a set of superb CGIs.

Sharp, engaging and thoroughly sendable, our whirlwind tour of a day in the life at Hermes Studios utilising imagery and video won wide ranging praise as it arrived in inboxes around London.


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