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Shopping should be seamless (because let’s be honest, who’s got time to waste standing in line?) While we’re at it, the transfer of vast amounts of AI driven data should also be seamless. And truth be told, so should the retro-fitting of the world’s largest supermarket chains with fully automated, touch-free check-out technology that is literally revolutionising the way we buy groceries. 

At their heart, Trigo is a technology company on a mission to accelerate the digitization of retail spaces. But in their soul they are committed to creating a 100% frictionless shopping experience. When they turned to us to help them tell their story better, we jumped at the chance to play our part in crafting the future of this incredible company.




In the earliest moments of meeting the Trigo team we knew that we were working with a group of business leaders and tech thinkers set to make a huge impact on a core aspect of the lives of every single one of us. But to some extent, that was obvious. We wanted to dig a deeper beyond the features of their product. We wanted to know what really drives them and how that benefits not only their audience now, but for the years to come too.

What we discovered together is that the driving force behind Trigo was a commitment to 100% frictionless shopping. From automated check-in, to touch-free check-out and virtual basket tracking there was something in this essential belief that shopping can be a lot more smoother, easier and, well, seamless, that captivated our imagination and inspired our creative work. 



There are core values that drive Trigo: being smart, secure, technologically advanced and offering effortlessly elegant integration, and with those in mind their brand language started to come to life.  We crafted a visual identity characterised by the meeting point of data transfer, smooth interactions and intelligence creating a sense of uninterrupted frictionless movement. Grounded in the solidity of physical infrastructure and the fact that their technology sits in the background, driving the silent revolution we created a bold vision for the future. 

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