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Clarity In A Sea of Data

Windward’s singular, powerful AI platform delivers predictive intelligence and actionable insights for risk management across the vast Maritime domain. Their ecosystem is complex and their product is revolutionary.

It’s almost as if they have a superpower – the ability to not just offer clarity, but to predict the future too. Across the world, in every area of our lives, and in every industry, we are swimming in a sea of data. And yet, much like inspiration, it doesn’t get you very far on its own. The key is how you use it.

When we first sat down with their leadership, we helped them answer the one, key question on their lips: “How do we show dynamic noise of maritime data and show our ground-breaking solution to pierce through it all?”

Through an extensive strategic process, we came to understand the unique value that Windward brings to the table: confidence in its power to provide clarity and draw accurate insights from a sea of data.

And from that insight, we could create.

“Data is language. Windward are fluent.”


Inspired by our visual language, we started playing with our “data points” – allowing them to track each other and evolve reminding us of radar, neurons, and electrical impulses. As the language of shapes took on a life of its own we were able to create an amorphous sea of data showing the patches of the known and unknown and a nuanced visual language with a key narrative. The essence: evolving, learning, and adapting. Providing clarity in a sea of data.

We also commissioned underwater photography of the ocean world, to fully represent and pay homage to the majesty of the sea, its mystery and wonder. A world within itself: Windward comes to bring insights into the ocean deep.


“Confident in their power to provide clarity.”


In our work, embraced data, using geometric shapes drawn from the symbols of the platform itself to tell stories. We showed the way the connections between data-points evolve when we apply our mind (and technology) to them, and how Windward extracts actionable insights to better serve their clients.


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