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With man’s unrelenting energy demands and the pressure it places on our climate, our planet is suffering and so are we. The water cycle has changed, there are imbalances in ecosystems, and rainfall patterns have fundamentally shifted. For centuries, man has attempted to exert influence over the weather, but we’ve always been powerless. Until now.

Weather Lab’s life-changing technology marks a new era in the battle against climate change but communicating something so far-reaching and so powerful in a way that doesn’t deter, requires sensitive brand expertise and that’s where we stepped in.

WEARECAPRI portfolio weather lab

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When we first met Weather Lab we understood that creating a brand for a company that can influence nature on a grand scale required us to acknowledge the immediate challenges openly: the thought of weather control is scary, almost supernatural. We knew that the greatest antidote to mystery and fear is fact so we stepped back from the global and focussed on the specific, talking straightforwardly about what they actually do. Ultimately this meant a brand identity that shifted from adjusting the weather to influencing rainfall: from grand scale modification to localised – almost personal – impact and a visionary and hopeful manifesto that expressed their desire to positively impact the lives of each of us. The icing on the cake was a new tagline – The Forecast is Better.


WEARECAPRI portfolio weather lab: The forecast is better

WEARECAPRI portfolio weather lab




Next came a modern and evocative logo. Drawing a set of falling raindrops, we formed a ‘W’ and paired it with a new visual identity, typeface and colour palette that is clean and modern and that suggests the power of science without feeling cold or clinical. We applied this new identity to business cards, stationery, presentations and iconography and a brand new, comprehensive portfolio website, working hand-in-hand with a partner agency Natie, in addition we re-worked explainer video with a brand new voiceover.

With a powerful and aspirational brand, a well-crafted and compelling range of marketing materials and a visually inviting identity, the stage is set for Weather Lab to change the world for a better, brighter future for us all.

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