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When Aish UK – one of the UK Jewish community’s most influential education charities – approached their 25th anniversary with a change in leadership and a shift in vision, they approached CAPRI to work on helping them craft an entirely refreshed identity. We started by asking, who are you… no, but really who are you?

Digging deep into the organisation’s unique story over the last two and a half decades and deeply understanding their inspiring outlook for the journey ahead, CAPRI crafted a bold new Message and Visual Identity to celebrate everything that Aish is. Confidence and pride in huge achievement, matched with a humble recognition of the deep meaning and value they have brought – and continue to bring – to, literally, thousands of people.

Bright, inviting, unimposing and yet entirely memorable Aish UK’s brand-new identity, its story and the immense array of applications was a labour of passion and love requiring us to not only learn a new landscape that was steeped in so much history and thinking and to articulate it with universal appeal, without losing an ounce of meaning.











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