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Camrose see the property world differently, and they build differently too. From their vantage point of decades of experience, they have understood that our homes are an extension of us, intimately connected to the fabric of their surrounds and the people that live there. We see our work with Camrose as an extension of us, having worked with them step-by-step since their earliest days and seeing them flourish. When we were invited to help them articulate a brand-new identity, look, feel, website and extensive set of collateral for them, it was not only a pleasure, but a passion.

A core element of Camrose’s brand identity is their determination to provide a foundation of dependability, consistency and high-quality while letting the individuality of each one of their homes shine. We took this combination of strength and reliability meeting individuality and dynamism and expressed it through a brand story that played on the value of personality as a driver in their work, combining both their pedigree as housebuilders and the vibrancy of an ever-innovative outlook.

We matched their brand story with a Visual Identity which employs a bold, bespoke typeface and elegant colour palette together with an overarching design ethic which allowed Camrose’s to take a step back as the quiet-strong type, while the imagery, stories and brands of each of their property developments took centre stage.




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